We truly hope you will come and visit us.  Here is a listing of some of the worship services , bible study's and other events, programs and services we offer.


Worship and Bible Study

Worship Times 


10:30am Morning service 

6:00pm Evening service  

Come and worship the Lord with us. You will find we teach straight from the Bible which is our only source of authority.



Bible Study Times 


9:30am Bible study  

Wednesday :  

6:30pm Bible Study  

We have Bible class for all age groups.  


Singles Bible Study and Fellowship  

Thursdays at 7:00pm  

J Open to all singles  

J Study from the Bible only 

J Fun time of learning and  


J Support each other in the single life 

J Find help for divorce recovery, loneliness, single parenthood, etc 

J Meet new friends and strengthen your faith in the Lord, or learn about him for the first time  




Other Events, Programs and Acts of Service 


Every second Sunday of the month we have a pot luck after morning worship service.  This is a great time for fun and fellowship .


We often get together to dine out, have game nights or participate in other fellowship events.


We have special times of prayer and seeking God’s help in our lives.


In the summer we hold a worship service in the park.


We sometimes get together with the other nearby Churches of Christ for special events like area-wide sings or gospel meetings.

We try to reach out to children and teens with special events like Vacation Bible School, youth rallies, youth nights and Bible camp.


We help support a children’s home in New Mexico.


We support missionaries as they reach the world for Christ..



We do benevolent work, including keeping an active food closet.

Plus much more.


We also offer: 


A Free Bible Correspondence Courses : 


Anyone who is interested in knowing the Bible better and growing in their relationship with God is encouraged to join our free Bible correspondence course. 


Three great ways to get started: 

1. Write to: Church of Christ, 614 N. Warren Ave. Winslow AZ 86047 And ask for free correspondence course. 

2. Call 928-289-1272 and ask for the free correspondence course. 

3. Go to web page http://www.winslowchurchofchrist.org. Or e-mail DDHART@CABLEONE.net 

Please be sure to leave us your information as to w here you would like your courses sent to.  

We also offer:


Free Personal bible study’s for one on one study or any size group. Contact us for more information.




Neither are we inter-denominational.  It is our sincere desire to be nondenominational, to wear no other name than Christ’s and to be known simply as Christians, members of the body of Christ (Acts 11:26; Ephesians 1:22-23).  Collectively we refer to ourselves as the church of Christ, the Lord’s church, or some other scriptural description to identify ourselves as the saved people belonging to Christ (Ephesians 5:23).




It is our purpose to be identified with the Christians of the first century.  We believe this to be possible to all who will learn, believe and be guided by the plain teachings of God’s word.  When Jesus declared such to be “the seed of the kingdom” (Luke 8:11), He was emphasizing a known fact of nature that specific kinds of seed, when planted, will always produce after their kind.  For example, wheat will always produce wheat.  In like manner the word of God, when planted in the hearts of honest people, and obeyed, will produce Christians just like it did in the first century – nothing more and nothing less.


Seeking The Truth Amidst Confusion ?




In the midst of the religious confusion of our day, where can the really sincere and honest person go?  Go to your Bible.  Search the scriptures!  Find the church that is in the Bible! 

Forget about all the different things you have always heard about the church.  Find out what the Bible says about it and you will have the truth!  Too many people are reading the latest popular respected theologian or listening to the “high powered” evangelist that draws the crowds.  You need to look for the church in the Bible, and when you find it you can be sure you will find the Bible in the church!


Please Visit our servic es.  You will not feel embarrassed, or be pressed for money. 


What Must I Do To Be Saved?  

Hear the Gospel (Romans 10:17), Believe the Gospel (Hebrews 11:6), Repent of Sins (Acts 2:38), Confess Faith In Christ (Acts 8:37), Be Baptized (Acts 22:16), and remain faithful, even to the point of death (Revelation 2:10).  

May we help you?